Career Aspirations

Emily B

As I am in my second term of my 2nd year, I am starting to think really hard about what I want to do when I leave university. Being surrounded by teachers in my family the obvious choice would be to become an educator myself! However, I don’t feel like this is the route I would like to take so I have had to have a real think! Every opportunity that I have been offered at Derby I have taken so I can better my chances at employment when I graduate and get a feel of what I would like to do. I have been a programme representative, I have volunteered for the National Trust as well as being a student ambassador and part of the marketing team as a digital ambassador.

If you think that you are set on a particular job don’t just aim for experiences that will cater to that. Engage in other experiences as you never know, you may change your mind and the career you were working towards may not appear as great as you thought it would!

Get involved with everything that the Uni is offering. Become a student ambassador for your course, volunteer, join some societies or go on a placement. Talk to lecturers or the Careers and Employment service to see where you can get involved and make your CV stand out. University will fly by so you may as well make the most of your time and experience all you can experience as the opportunities given to you are priceless!

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