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Choosing your accommodation is a relatively simple choice in the first year. Most students who are moving away from home are doing so for the first time and this can be a daunting experience. There is a choice between University Halls of Residence( Halls – University of Derby) or private accommodation. 


 This accommodation choice is ideal for first year students as it is an ideal way to meet new people. I went into halls for my foundation year as I thought it would be a great way to settle into university life. 

Halls consist of a number of rooms per flat, with a shared kitchen and bathroom with the option of your own en-suite or not. Being put together with strangers from all over the country really helps to maximise your university experience. You can make friends for life at Halls and it’s the easiest choice when it comes to accommodation as all bills are included and it has all the amenities you would need. You get a Halls manager who will deal with any queries you may have to either to do with the people or the site itself. 

All Derby Uni halls are on the Unibus bus route and within walking distance of Uni so are ideal places to live. They are all close to the main town centre whether based at the Derby or Buxton campus. 

Returning students also have the opportunity to pick friends that they want to live with, so if you wanted you could live with the same group for your full 3 years. 

Private Accommodation

You may decide you want to live in private accommodation from the first year. The University has approved private dwellings (Student accommodation in Derby – houses homes flats housing) to choose from which are checked by the Uni to be a certain standard. 

Most students opt for this from the second year, when you have found your feet and made friends that you would like to live with again. 

Bills are not always included with this option so budgeting is essential but you learn many useful skills for  when you do live privately in the future. 

Living with others

Living with people you do not know well or not at all can be tricky. It may take a little while to become accustomed to as it is a big change from living with family. The key thing to remember here is to respect each other! You may not have a lecture in the morning but one of your housemates might, so keeping the noise down after an agreed time is not unreasonable. 

The best way to tackle issues with housemates is to talk to them. If you set up some living arrangements or house rules from the beginning, then everyone is clear on what is acceptable and what is not! You will also have to learn to compromise, this is the fairest way to settle discussions.

It is also essential that you keep the communal areas tidy and clean as everybody will be using this area and it is only fair you leave it how you found it to avoid upsetting your housemates.

But don’t worry, most of the time you will really enjoy living with new people. You may learn something new from them such as how to cook something or they may give you budgeting tips. There is a lot of time to socialise whilst at Uni so getting off to a good start with your housemates means that you will always be coming home to some good friends to hang out with. 

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