The Futures Award

Emily B

With so many students going to University and graduating each year, you need to set yourself apart from the rest by getting involved with other activities offered to you whilst at Uni.

The Futures Award is one of these opportunities and it will go on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record). It will allow you to make new contacts, improve your skills and look more employable when you leave Uni. There are several themes to the Award, which include:

  • volunteering,
  • employer mentoring
  • student’s union
  • social media
  • many more

You can choose one theme from the list or a couple of themes and also the level of the award, of which there are 3: The Futures Recognition Award, The Futures Plus Award and the Futures Leadership Award.

The themes and levels you choose will help you become more employable and gain more knowledge at your own pace and fit it around your other commitments. The levels vary from 25 hours to 100 hours commitment and include attending some workshops or seminars on your chosen theme and providing evidence of this. I would encourage you to make the most of every opportunity that University throws at you as those 3 years will go extremely quickly!

If you want to get involved with the Futures Award, then all you have to do is be a post or undergraduate student, have the commitment for one of the themes and contact the careers and employability service at Derby Uni.Go for it!

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