Snippets about my favourite module


My favorite module

Copywriting and Creativity

In order to make you understand why I love this module, I think it would be best if I gave you an overview about myself and my degree so far.

Even before starting University, I knew that my ultimate goal after finishing my degree would be to go into the Public Relations sector but the University of Derby at the time, didn’t offer the course. So I enrolled on Marketing and Advertising Management instead because it was the closest one. I started this course motivated enough that it will give me a good understanding and basics of what goes into Public Relations as well as offering me alternatives, in case I wanted to stick with marketing and/or advertising.

The first year gave me an overview of what business includes, such as human relations modules, marketing and economics. These were shared with all the other single and joint honours business students which made it more interesting because they were already really good at finance and accounting. I personally enjoyed it a lot as it was a reverse learning process.

The second year stepped up in terms of the knowledge and expectations.  At this point we understood marketing and it was our chance to prove our potential and apply it to the marketing and advertising modules. I could say it was a test but it happens all the time in real life and we had the chance to improve along the way. A lot of support was in place and I could see that we needed to work harder to achieve those high end grades.

My third year consisted of the placement but I won’t bore you with the details. Please see the ‘Placement’ post and the reasons why you should go for it!

Now, in the final semester of my final year, everything is completely different. I’ve changed a lot from the first year and I feel a lot more prepared to go into work life. I have the knowledge and skills to take on projects and see opportunities like never before. At this stage, we’re turning into professionals, just like you would see on job descriptions nowadays: ‘Graduate Marketing Assistant’. Well, this is us, the future Marketeers and you will see for yourself once you gradually overcome every year of your degree.

My favorite module was ‘Copywriting and Creativity’, because it links in so strongly with the ‘Public Relations’ job I want to have. It’s a great module because it shows what you will be doing if you choose to work in advertising. Seems simple initially but it’s not, from writing print to doing a TV Campaign we have a lot of work to do. Regular meetings with clients, re-working the campaigns again and again plus the risks you’re taking in case the outcome is not met. I love this module because it fits in with everything I envisaged as my future job! You degree is not just about taking in information. Make sure to really analyze yourself and see what your passionate about and where you fit best. You will enjoy your degree a whole lot more if you do this plus I’m sure the job opportunities at the end will reflect that too!



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