Getting around Buxton

Emily B, HRSM

There is so much to explore in the Peak District it difficult to know where to start! Buxton is in the heart of the Peak and does have a reputation of being difficult to get to and from- but this is not at all true!

By Car

If you are bringing a car to University and staying in Buxton, you won’t need to use it that much as all the amenities you would need are in Buxton itself. If you want to explore the surrounding area however, it is easy to do so by car. Manchester is just over an hour away and so is Derby Centre; it really is a central location! There is plenty of parking on the streets around the University but there is no official parking for the Uni itself. I have never had an issue getting a space and the on-street parking is only a few minutes away from the campus so is no bother at all- and most importantly- it’s free!

By Bus

The buses are a really useful way to get around if you don’t have a car. They take an hour and a half to get to Derby Centre and an hour and fifteen minutes to get to Manchester. The bus route also stops at the smaller destinations such as Bakewell, Matlock and Stockport. They are about every hour and run till late.

By Train

There is also a train station right next to the Uni. In my year there are a few people who commute from Stockport and Manchester by train. From Manchester it takes around an hour and from Stockport it takes 45 minutes. There are several stops so you have plenty of choice as to where you get it from. The Derby route takes a little longer, around 2 hours and requires changes.

However you are travelling to Buxton, the views along the way are an absolute pleasure so enjoy 🙂

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