10 things I couldn’t live without at University (From the student’s perspective)

  1. Internet – You need it quite a lot and most of the time.  Nowadays the lecturers will ask that you use Course Resources on the University’s online portal to check the homework, future assignments and any other information. At the same time, you will need it for social media, to do online shopping  for books and other things as well as access to e-mail. In one word, the Internet is ESSENTIAL!
  2. Phone – A fully charged phone is a great help in any situation. You might be late for classes, forgot which room you are or maybe you’re late for an appointment or even getting in touch with friends and family. You need at all times, full stop.
  3. Colleagues and friends – Make sure you have the details of a few colleagues from your course, because if you missed a lesson they will be able to tell you what happened. Same applies in times of panic when coursework deadlines are close and also to work together for group presentations etc. Friends are the same, they will share stuff with you, cry on your shoulder, ask for help and viceversa. They will become your closest family while at Uni, and some will last forever and some won’t but it happens to everyone.
  4. Free time – Take a break when you need it. We’ve all been there, three days to the assignment hand in date and you’ve got lots to do so you decide not to sleep and just concentrate. But this is where you’re wrong, you can’t focus because your mind and your body is too tired. Eat properly and sleep at least the minimum hours, take a walk or go running to take time off and reload with energy. There’s also the extreme of relaxing too much so find the balance you need and stick with it. There are people who work well under pressure and some who don’t. Try to discover what works best for you.
  5. Sleep – Your eyes need a rest, especially if you work on the computer or are reading. There is the processing of information, adapting to the light and trying to produce accurate information to fill your essay. Even if you decide to take a half an hour nap or just go away from the desktop to cook something, breaks are important, don’t ignore them!
  6. Diary and notes – Sometimes you might have four deadlines in one module for various activities, but then you have other modules to worry about plus homework every week. As long as you keep a diary for notes every week you will achieve what’s required and plan when the reading is due. You will then know when to start the coursework and you will feel in charge and not over stressed when it’s not necessary. This will also allow you to have a good social life.
  7. Water, fruit and chocolate – This is my guilty secret. I tend to have fruit or chocolate when I study because I feel like I’m working best. Not everyone is the same, but some students will eat more due to stress. I keep small quantities of fruit and chocolate next to me to keep me going. The internet is full of advice on how to keep yourself hydrated and what are the foods that help your brain work to its full capacity.
  8. Social life – As mentioned previously, put time aside for going out, enjoy a meal with your friends go to the movies or cook something together. University life is not just about studying constantly, is about having fun while you learn.
  9. Student Card – So many times I have been shopping or come to University and forgotten my card. At Kedleston Road you can’t go into the Library unless you swipe your student card. You can sign in about 10 times if you haven’t got it but this is a bit annoying. So I would strongly suggest you keep your card with you at all times, possibly in your wallet as it has less chance to get lost.
  10. Sturdy handbag – We girls might understand this better. As a student you tend to carry quite a lot of books throughout your degree, because you have to do a lot of reading and you either use a plastic bag to carry them or try to squeeze them in your bag. Even without doing this, you might decide to take your laptop with you to stay in the library later on, but you still need a sturdy handbag! #CoolUniLife!



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