My journey to Derby University

Business, Isabela

Coming to University can be for some a daunting experience, it certainly was for me! A lot of Universities were offering courses in Marketing but something drew me to the University of Derby. The big glass building inspired trust, reliability and the sense of modernism which were the main characteristics I wanted in my University of choice.

I can still remember my first day at Derby, enrolling as a first year student, butterflies in my tummy and not really sure what to expect. But as soon as I entered the classroom, a sense of certainty took over, the lecturers were relaxed, and we were reminded that we are “here to have fun as well as studying” which have helped the three years to fly by. One things for certain – I’ve never regretted choosing Derby.

When I chose Marketing and Advertising, my future career was clear – a job in Public Relations. So far, so good, by choosing similar subjects I’ve ensured that I’m building a strong foundation to get to the career I want. Though I wasn’t studying a specific PR course, I have absolutely loved my degree!

Business degrees are not simple business, but you are shown all sides to a Business in your first year, you initiate yourself in projects and report to understand Marketing and Advertising in your second year and in your third year, you go full out.  Third year scares everyone, but actually is your chance to prove how much you’ve learned and come out a keen apprentice ready to take on any Marketing job, because Derby University isn’t just a learning opportunity but a skills machine.

One particular thing that attracted me to Derby was the placement option within my degree, which I found enticing and immensely useful. The job market is changing quickly and the more skilled you are the quicker you advance. The placement means that between second and third year you go out in the marketplace and work for 10 months or more to gain the skills you need and see what are your best abilities. However when you come back into third year you’re a changed person. Not only do you know a lot more but you can do a lot more. The best thing of all though is it all reflects in your assignments- when it counts the most out of the whole degree.