Applicant Day Review!

Business, Isabela

I’ve really enjoyed my time here at Derby and so when I was asked to help with the applicant day, I was more than happy! For me this represented a great opportunity to meet prospective students coming from all over the country, giving me an opportunity to talk to them about life at Derby and my experiences here.

The Kedleston Road campus quickly filled up with people from 9am onwards, luckily there was no sign of snow in Derby as this would have been tricky! One of the things I love is the atmosphere in the Atrium, and it was great watching the reaction of our guests as they walked in to this great space.

isabela area

As a subject ambassador, my role was to give an insight to prospective students on what life is like at Derby, not just from the academic side but also about living and working in Derby. Luckily, this all comes quite naturally to me as my experiences here have been great. I could have carried on all day…

Both prospective students and their guests seemed to be full of questions which was great. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I encountered…

  1. For some social life was a top priority so let’s elaborate on that. It’s essential that you have some free time outside your studies to relax and have fun with your friends. Derby is a vibrant city with a lot of places to eat, to party and to chill after a long week. In my opinion Derby gets 10/10 on this one.
  2. Accommodation comes up next, and this is another area that Derby does well in. In order to secure a place in the Halls for your first year at least, you have to apply early. As soon as you are confirmed get in touch with Student Living to secure a place. Derby is well known for having great quality student accomodation across the city. The applicant day is perfect opportunity to take a tour around some of your accomodation options.
  3. The cost of living worries everyone when coming to University. I cannot compare the cost of living with other cities because I’ve only lived in Derby but personally I find it a very affordable place to live (if you’re sensible!). There are a lot of offers and discounts available so you can eat out every so often without breaking the bank.
  4. For some, the range of societies avaiable counts towards the final decision. Luckily, we’ve got a great Students’ Union and so if your desired society doesn’t exist, why not start your own?! As long as you have three representatives you can start your own Society.
  5. Linked with cost of living, I was also asked about job opportunities during your course and following graduation. Again this is an area where you are very much in control, but the university has a great careers service and a student employment agency which is crucial for some!

Don’t forget, the next open day is on Saturday 28th of February 2015! And also keep an eye out for the next Applicant Day – if you haven’t booked a place do it now!